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Islam is a perfect deen. Part of the perfection of Islam is that together with the general obligations that apply to everyone, many laws are specific to males or females, keeping in mind each one’s specific roles in life, their physiological differences and other unique characteristics. Thus the laws pertaining to males and females differ in many aspects, among which are the postures of salaah, etc. Some of these rulings are briefly discussed hereunder.

Q: What if a woman’s bleeding continues for more than her habit?


A: She should not take a ghusl (bath) or begin offering any salaah after the duration of her normal habit. Rather, she will wait until the bleeding stops. If she stops bleeding within ten days and ten nights (from the time her bleeding commenced) then the salaahs for all these days will be excused and she will not have to offer any qadha salaah. Her norm will now be considered to have changed and all the days will be considered as haidh.

Example: A woman had a habit of five days, but during one month, she continued to bleed after the five days were over. Her bleeding only terminated after the seventh day. In this case, her habit for haidh will change from five days to seven days.