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Islam is a perfect deen. Part of the perfection of Islam is that together with the general obligations that apply to everyone, many laws are specific to males or females, keeping in mind each one’s specific roles in life, their physiological differences and other unique characteristics. Thus the laws pertaining to males and females differ in many aspects, among which are the postures of salaah, etc. Some of these rulings are briefly discussed hereunder.

Shar‘ee Rulings and Etiquettes

Money Matters


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1. It is important that the owner of every item in the home be clearly identified and recorded. Exactly what belongs to the husband should be known and exactly what belongs to the wife should likewise be known. If it is not specified and recorded, winding up the estate in the event of one of the spouses passing away will become very difficult and complicated. Nobody will be able to identify the belongings of the deceased partner with certainty.

2. It is not permissible to use the next person’s belongings without their consent and happiness. Failing to specify who the owners of various items are often leads to these items being used without the owner’s permission, thus causing the user to fall into sin.

3. It is important to know that the money which the husband gives to his wife for the running of the home does not belong to her but is rather a trust which should only be used for household expenses. Over and above this, the husband should, on a monthly basis, give his wife some money (based on his income) which she may spend on her personal needs etc.

4. It is advisable for the wife to consult her husband even when spending her personal money. This will increase the unity in their marriage.


Wudhu FAQ (#2)


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Q: Does breastfeeding break one’s wudhu?

A: No, the wudhu does not break through breastfeeding.

Q: Is it necessary to remove make-up, nail polish, etc. before making wudhu?

A: If the make-up, nail polish, etc. is non-porous (which is the general case with most cosmetics), it will be necessary to remove it before making wudhu.

Note: Make-up which contains impure substances or causes one to resemble the disbelievers cannot be applied.

Q: Will my salaah be valid if, instead of washing my feet in wudhu, I make masah on my ordinary cotton socks?

A: All four Imaams of fiqh unanimously agree that masah made on ordinary cotton socks is invalid. If the masah is invalid, the wudhu will be incomplete and if the wudhu is incomplete, the salaah will also be invalid.

Q: Is it necessary to wash the elbow in wudhu?

A: It is fardh to wash the elbow in wudhu. If even a portion of the elbow is left dry, the wudhu will be incomplete.


Qurbaani FAQ


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Q: A woman does not have enough cash to purchase a qurbaani animal. She does, however, have jewellery that equals the nisaab in value. Will qurbaani be waajib on this woman?

A: Qurbaani will be waajib upon her.

Q: Is it permissible for a woman to slaughter her own qurbaani animal?

A: It is permissible for a woman to slaughter her own qurbaani animal provided she does not appear before such men from whom sharee‘ah has instructed her to maintain purdah.

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Wudhu FAQ (#1)


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Q: Is it necessary to wash the area between the sideburns and ears in wudhu?

A: Yes, it is necessary.

Q: Is it necessary to remove rings, earrings, bangles etc. when making wudhu?

A: If water reaches the area beneath the rings, earrings and bangles without removing it, it will not be necessary to remove the rings, earrings and bangles. Otherwise it will be necessary.

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Q: What will be the ruling for a woman who experiences bleeding during her pregnancy?


Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 October 2013 15:29

A: The bleeding of a pregnant woman is considered as istihaadhah (dysfunctional uterine bleeding). Hence, she will continue performing her salaah etc.


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