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Is it my husband's child?



- Got involved in major sin.
- Pregnant, confused about the lineage of the child. Please help. 


While the sin is extremely severe, the doors of taubah are never the less open. When a servant of Allah Ta’ala errs but then turns to Allah Ta’ala in sincere repentance, Allah Ta’ala forgives the sin. Therefore, perform salaatut taubah, cry unto Allah Ta’ala and beg his forgiveness. Firmly resolve never to commit such an act again.
Another extremely important aspect is to remain far away from all the means and avenues that lead to such sins. Among the most important aspects is to fully observe the laws of hijaab. Never intermingle with non-mahram (strange) men or talk casually with them, especially cousins and your husband’s male relatives.
It is a mere presumption and speculation that the child is not that of your husband. In any case, the child will be attributed to your husband and nobody else. There is no need for you to now start speculating any further. Make sincere taubah as mentioned above and leave the matter to Allah Ta’ala. Do not discuss it with anyone else.
(Moulana) Muhammad Ilyaas Patel
Checked and approved:
(Mufti) Ebrahim Salejee