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Medical Issues



Assalamu alaykum

Please could the following questions be answered:

1. Is termination of pregnancy permissible? If yes, in what circumstances is it allowed and not allowed?

As a medical practitioner, one is allowed to refuse to perform an abortion. However, one is required to refer the patient to where it could be performed. Is this allowed?

2. Is contraception allowed? As a medical practitioner can one issue contraceptive methods to one's patient? Often, one interacts with non-muslims who require contraception. If one is aware that this patient is involved in pre-marital/illicit relationships is this allowed?

3. Is organ transplant or donation allowed? If yes, in what circumstances is it permissible/impermissible?

4. Medically, a doctor can stop life-support treatment in the following cases: brain dead, no-hope situation or if the treatment will cause more harm than benefit. Is it permissible to stop treatment on a patient in the above circumstances?



Bismihi Ta'ala 

Respected Sister in Islam

Wa’alaikumus Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh 

1) Termination of pregnancy before four months is permissible if done with a valid excuse (e.g. rape, fear of life or ill-health). Termination of pregnancy after four months is not permissible under all circumstances. (Raddul Muhtaar 3/176)

In circumstances where abortion is allowed in Islam (i.e. before four months), referring the patient to another doctor will be permissible and in circumstances where abortion is not allowed (i.e. after four months), it will be impermissible to refer the patient to another doctor.

2) Contraception is allowed. (Al-Hindiyyah 1/335) It is permissible for a medical practitioner to issue contraceptive methods to his/her patients. 

If one is certain that the patient is involved in a pre-marital or illicit relationship, then it will be impermissible. However if one is uncertain it will be permissible.

3) Our bodies are a trust from the side of Allah Ta’ala. We are not permitted to deal in them freely as we wish. Instead, we are commanded to deal in them as Allah Ta’ala has commanded us. Sharee’ah does not allow organ transplants. Hence, it is impermissible for one to donate his/her organs. However, it is permissible to use the organs of animals provided it is not the organs of a swine. (Al-Hindiyyah 5/354)

4) If there is hope of the patient recovering then it is better that the treatment continues. However if the doctor feels that there is no hope, it will be permissible to stop the treatment. (Refer to: Al-Hindiyyah 5/355)

Uswatul Muslimah Panel of Ulama

Checked & Approved by:

(Mufti) Ebrahim Salejee