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‘Sound’ Advice


Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 07:58

The startling crack of a gunshot… the wailing of a police siren… the helpless cry of a new-born baby… the soothing sound of the mother’s voice…

All these are mere sounds, yet each sound is such that as soon as it enters the ear of the one who hears it, it provokes a spontaneous emotion and reaction. On hearing a gunshot, most people will be filled with fear and begin to panic. On hearing the siren, a criminal will flee while the victim will be filled with a sense of relief. When the mother hears the baby cry, she is filled with anxiety for her child’s wellbeing, and when the baby hears the mother’s voice, it is soothed and pacified.

From these examples, we understand that the sounds which we hear have a profound effect on our emotions and deep influence over our feelings. It is for this reason that men and women must exercise caution regarding the voice of the opposite gender, as it has the potential to plant the seed of sin and pollute the heart with illicit feelings.

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The Perils of Casting Lustful Glances


Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 January 2022 16:08

As previously discussed, lustful glances are poisonous arrows which lead to the total and complete ruin, destruction and death of the spiritual heart. A single glance, cast in a split second, leaves such an indelible impression that it is very often near impossible to thereafter resist the temptation and remain chaste. Hence, that first glance is like the first step taken on a journey down a steep and perilous path of evil, sin and shamelessness.

Zun Noon Misri (rahimahullah) was once asked, “What causes a person to fall into sin?” Zun Noon (rahimahullah) explained by saying, “Sinning commences with a lustful glance. The lustful glance causes a person to be assailed by fleeting thoughts of sin. If one treats and remedies the fleeting thoughts by turning to Allah Ta‘ala, the fleeting thoughts will cease and disappear. If not, they will progress until they are accompanied by (bombardments of) whispers and insinuations (towards evil and sin). This, in turn, causes (the flames of) carnal desires and lust (to be fanned). All of this transpires internally (in the mind), and (until this point,) the action of sin and evil has not yet manifested through the action of the limbs. If the carnal desires and lust is remedied and addressed, (one will be safe,) but if not, then it will progress until it becomes a strong, irresistible urge, and if this urge is not addressed then one’s entire mind will become engulfed (in thoughts of haraam and sin).” (Hilyatul Awliyaa vol. 8 pg. 17)

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The Poisoned Arrow


Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 November 2021 16:03

Allah Ta‘ala has blessed every person with five basic senses; taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. It is through these five faculties that each person perceives the world around him, responds to the stimuli he experiences and is able to interact with his environment.

On hearing a pleasant sound, smelling a fragrant scent, seeing an attractive sight or touching something dear and beloved, the heart is immediately affected. It is filled with happiness, causing one to react with joy and delight.

Thus, the five senses can be regarded as the ‘gateways’ to the heart, while the heart itself can be regarded as the ‘command centre’ of all the limbs of the body. Therefore, in order to protect our heart from evil influences that will motivate the limbs towards sin, it will be imperative to protect the five faculties and senses, and shield them from all sins and temptations to haraam.

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Keep Your Distance!


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 September 2021 09:00

Every parent loves his child and tries his best to keep his child safe from harm. Even in the home, the parent understands that the young toddler is exposed to certain dangers which threaten his safety. Plug points… detergents… knives and scissors… Swimming pools… These, and other similar things are common in many houses, yet pose a grave threat to the safety of the child.

Out of deep love for the child, and wishing well for the child, the parent firstly educates the child and tries to teach him that these things are dangerous. When the young child stretches his chubby and grubby fingers towards the detergent cupboard, the mother will raise her voice and call out in a stern tone, “NO! NAUGHTY!” Thereafter, if the child persists in trying to play with the dangerous item, she may even punish him.

However, a sensible, loving parent will not only suffice on teaching the child harm from benefit. For instance, the parent will not leave a knife within arm’s reach while telling the child, “Don’t touch.” Rather, the parent will also put into place preventative measures which will be conducive to the child’s safety.

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Wholehearted or Unwilling?


Last Updated on Thursday, 12 August 2021 15:40

Throughout the world, regardless of continent or culture, the symbol of the heart has come to represent love. Perhaps the reason for this is that true love entails complete surrender of the heart to the beloved. One voluntarily sets aside one’s own inclinations, preferences, ideas and aspirations, and wholeHEARTedly embraces the preferences of the beloved, hoping to secure his pleasure and happiness. In other words, one sheds his own identity and ego and molds himself in the mold of the beloved.

Imagine a husband and wife who live together, and go through the motions of married life, but do so grudgingly. Although each may fulfil the rights of the other, the spark in their relationship will swiftly fizzle out, causing it to turn into a relationship-wreck. Likewise, imagine an employee who obeys his employer, but pulls up his face, questions his authority at every turn, and considers his employer to be an inconvenience in his life. Obviously, though such an employee cannot technically be faulted, he will not be expected to last long in his position.

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