Choosing a Partner Based on a Dream




I have known this guy for a couple of months. He appears to be good. I have dreamt of him about five times already prior to reading istikhara. All seemed good. When istikhara was performed the answer was positive. But I don't seem to be attracted to the guy. I do like him but my heart doesn't feel much for him. Maybe the problem lies with me.. Your advice would be most welcome.. And please make dua Allah opens my heart to that which is good and Allah grants me hidayat.‎​آمين.


Bismihi Ta`ala
Haamidan wa Musalliyan
Respected Sister in Islam
If you are not attracted to him, completely cut off contact with him and don’t even think of him. Seeing him in the dream doesn’t necessarily mean that he is the right person for you, since dreams can be the fiction of one’s imagination. It could be that you have misconstrued the dreams as well.
Allah Taala knows best
(Mufti) Ebrahim Salajee