My Quraan Cover


Ask our children:

1. If there are poor people around us, how should we treat them?

2. If we really want something, who should we turn to?

Now tell them the story:

Tasmiyah was an intelligent little girl who loved going to madrasah. She was in grade three and her favourite subject was Quraan. She loved reading the Quraan and she was a good reciter as well. Everything was so cheerful and joyful in her life. However there was only one thing that made her sad – her Quraan had no cover on it. She really wanted to cover it. In fact it was the only thing she wished for. Tasmiyah’s mother tried very hard to save up in order to buy one, but it was so hard to do so with the small income that came into the home. Tasmiyah had lost her father a few days after she was born. He was a passionate lover of the Quraan and passed away whilst reciting the Quraan. He left the world, but his passion for the Quraan continued to live in the heart of his one and only daughter, Tasmiyah.

One day in madrasah, when all the children went out for the break, Tasmiyah decided to remain in the classroom. As she sat in her place and read her Quraan, her eyes suddenly fell on Shaakirah’s Quraan cover. It was a very simple, yet a beautiful cover. Tasmiyah’s desire to have a Quraan cover of her own now only increased. She could not hold herself back anymore. So she got up from her place and walked towards Shaakirah’s place. As she came closer, the cover just seemed to look more and more beautiful. She could not resist. She stretched out her little hand and with her soft finger tips felt the fabric of the Quraan cover. Just then Shaakirah walked in, and with eyes burning in anger she shouted out, “How dare you touch my Quraan cover with your dirty and oily hands!” What Shaakirah did not know was that Tasmiyah did not eat any lunch during the break that day. There was absolutely no food in the home that morning. Tasmiyah was all shaken up in fear and just stood there in silence. This made Shaakirah even more angry and she continued to shout at Tasmiyah until she asked Tasmiyah that one heart breaking question, “Why don’t you ask your father to buy your own Quraan cover?” Just then the rest of the children came back to the class. Tasmiyah went quietly and sat in her place. By now her heart was bursting inside with tears and her stomach was empty of even a morsel of food. But she was a strong girl. She told no one and complained to no one.

That night as she lay down beside her mother, she asked, “Mother! Did father have to leave us so quickly and with nothing to live on?” The mother tried to explain to Tasmiyah, “My dear daughter, everything happens according to the beautiful plan of Allah. Allah tests some people by giving them everything they desire and others by not fulfilling any of their desires. In this temporary world we should remain thankful and patient and never lose hope in Allah.” Tasmiyah innocently interrupted, “Mummy! I fully understand and I do accept, but mummy please don’t forget, do ask Allah to please give me my own Quraan cover.” A few tears rolled down their eyes, as both mother and daughter fell off to sleep. The very next morning, there was a surprise visitor at the door. It was Shaakirah’s mother. She learned of what happened in class the previous day. So she sewed the most beautiful Quraan cover specially for little Tasmiyah. Tasmiyah’s face lit up and she immediately remarked, “Mummy! I knew Allah Ta‘ala will answer our du‘aa. But right now Allah Ta‘ala is testing me as to what I am going to do after He has fulfilled my desire.”


1. There is wisdom and goodness in everything that Allah Ta‘ala does for us. We need to be grateful, patient and not lose hope in the perfect planning of Allah Ta‘ala. 

2. We must think carefully before we say or do anything with regard to others. We have no idea how a careless, seemingly innocent remark or action may break a poor person’s heart. We should always put ourselves first in the next person’s shoes and ask, “How would I feel in his/her place if the same treatment was given to me???”