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Children love stories, and good stories have valuable lessons in them. Thus a very easy way to instil morals and values in our children is through story-telling. In this section, we will be guided as to how to present stories to our children and how to follow them up with lessons.

Allah Ta’ala is All-Seeing:


The story that follows is meant to embed the consciousness of Allah Ta’ala in the heart of the child, and that Allah Ta’ala is watching all that we do. Before discussing the story, ask the children one by one to speak about Allah Ta’ala, and the qualities of Allah Ta’ala. Once they have all spoken, ask them what is the meaning of, “Allah Ta’ala is Al-Baseer!” Thereafter ask some of them questions, such as:

- Who can see you if you are sitting alone in the room with the door closed?

- Who can see you if you take something quietly from the cupboard?

- Who can see you if you hide under the bed?

- Who can see what you are thinking in your mind?

Then give them a coin each and ask them to hide it where no one can see it. Announce that the winner will receive a prize such as a chocolate, or some cash. The next day ask each one where they hid the coin. Now relate to them the following story. 


There was a very pious man whose name was Dawood. He had two sons who only went to school while one son who also went to madrasah. As a father he tried hard to send all three sons to madrasah, but his wife and family were concerned about their future, so they refused to co-operate with him.

One day in the presence of his wife he gave his sons a sweet each and asked them to eat it in a place where no one will be able to see them. The three sons happily took the sweets and ran off.

The next day the father called the sons and asked them what they had done. The eldest son Moosa said, “I ate the sweet under my bed, because my friend at school told me he always hides under his bed where no one can find him.”

The second son Haroon said, “I ate the sweet after midnight, because my teacher at school told us that after twelve o clock at night it gets so dark that no one can see us.”

The youngest son Sulaiman said, “I could not eat the sweet, because my Moulana in the madrasah told us that Allah Ta’ala is Al-Baseer, the All-Seeing. So wherever I went Allah Ta’ala could see me. I was therefore unable to eat the sweet.”

The father smiled and hugged Sulaiman. The other two sons begged the father that they too wished to go to madrasah. The mother saw this and realised the importance of the madrasah and she agreed to send all three sons to madrasah.


Now ask our children the lessons they learnt.

Thereafter mention to them the following lessons.

- Allah Ta’ala can see us in all places and at all times. If our child has the awareness of Allah Ta’ala, then to commit a sin will be difficult, and that child will be the coolness of our eyes.

- Choose good friends. Our children are actually the friends they have. They adopt the habits and ways of their friends.

- If anyone says to us something which is against the teachings of Islam, we must then be on our guard and seek the help of our elders who will guide us further. Never believe anything and everything you hear.

- The importance of going to madrasah and learning our deen. Our children should never be deprived of Islamic knowledge. 


- Do you have any feedback on this story for us? Did it help you to teach your children a fundamental lesson?

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