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Children love stories, and good stories have valuable lessons in them. Thus a very easy way to instil morals and values in our children is through story-telling. In this section, we will be guided as to how to present stories to our children and how to follow them up with lessons.

Scared Salmaan​


Ask our children:

1. Who protects us and saves us?

2. What should we do when we are scared?

Now tell them the story:

Salmaan was a little boy who was always scared and afraid. He was scared of the dark... He was scared to sleep alone in his room... He was scared of animals... He was scared of loud noises... In fact, he was so scared, that even the phone ringing would give him a fright!

One day, Salmaan went to his Moulana, after madrasah, and complained to him, “Moulana! I’m so scared all the time! I don’t know what to do! I become so scared that my legs turn to jelly! Please tell me, what can I do?”

Moulana smiled at Salmaan and said, “I know exactly what you need!” Moulana then opened the Quraan Majeed, showed Salmaan Aayatul Kursi and told him, “Read this every morning when you wake up, every night before you sleep, after every salaah that you perform, and whenever you feel scared.” Salmaan asked Moulana “What will happen if I read this?” Moulana replied, “If you read Aayatul Kursi, Allah Ta‘ala will protect you and save you from all harm and danger!”

Salmaan became excited and thought, “There’s no one greater than Allah Ta‘ala! If Allah Ta‘ala protects me, nothing will hurt me!” He immediately recited Aayatul Kursi, and as he finished reading it, he felt calm and safe. His fear was gone! Moulana then explained, “Salmaan! You must never go looking for danger because that is foolish and naughty, but if danger ever comes to you, you must immediately recite Aayatul Kursi and trust in Allah Ta‘ala to save you.”

One week later, Salmaan was playing in the garden when suddenly, a big dog entered from the road. The dog saw Salmaan and opened its mouth, showing him its big teeth! Then, the dog began to growl... and then it started to bark... and then it started running towards Salmaan to bite him!  

When Salmaan saw the dog coming to bite him, he became very scared and turned to run into the house. But, he remembered that he must also recite Aayatul Kursi, because Allah Ta‘ala will then protect him and save him. As he read the Aayatul Kursi, a buzzing bee flew down from the tree in the yard. “Bzzzzzzzzz!” went the bee as it flew towards the dog and stung it on the nose! The dog immediately forgot about biting Salmaan and began to howl as it ran away from the bee in pain.

Salmaan then thanked Allah Ta‘ala, as he knew that it was Allah Ta‘ala who sent the bee to save him because he read Aayatul Kursi. From that day on, Salmaan always made sure that he read Aayatul Kursi, and he would feel safe because he knew that Allah Ta‘ala was looking after him.


1. We must learn Aayatul Kursi and the other du‘aas of protection and then read them regularly so that Allah Ta‘ala will protect us.

2. When we have a problem, we must make du‘aa to Allah, and ask our parents or our Moulana to help us and tell us what to do.  

Click here for the audio version of this story.