Desire for Children


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Correspondence of  Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (mudda zilluhu)


Despite being married for fifteen years, I do not yet have children but I have an intense desire for a child. In the light of these issues, how can I acquire the sweetness of imaan? I am becoming extremely uneasy due to this. 


The reason for this trembling and uneasiness is that we have decided we should certainly receive a certain thing or be blessed with children, etc. There is nothing wrong in making du‘aa for something. However it is compulsory to be pleased with the decree of Allah Ta‘ala just as it is compulsory to offer salaah and keep fast. Make du‘aa and resolve to remain pleased with whatever condition Allah Ta‘ala keeps you in. By handing yourself over to the decree of Allah Ta‘ala, your heart will remain at ease. Then you will not experience any anxiety and stress. You will experience the condition that has been explained in this couplet:

Translation: “The Master does as He wills. Why, then, should there be any worry? I am sitting peacefully with this belief that You are the Sovereign, and the all-wise as well.” (Solutions to Spiritual Maladies for the Lovers of Allah Ta‘ala, pg. 349)