What You Put in is What You Get Out


Thursday, 23 December 2021 15:30

“What you put in is what you get out” is a well-known saying that most people have heard at some point or another. Generally, this saying is quoted in the context of investing greater effort and resources in order to reap greater gains and benefits.

However, this saying is also relevant in other departments – such as the department of food and drink. Hence, another popular proverb says, “You are what you eat.” These words are a proven reality, and therefore people today have become increasingly health-conscious and aspire to eat more ‘natural’, unprocessed foods, etc. in the hope of enjoying better health and improved quality of life.

Nevertheless, just as consuming pure wholesome food has a direct effect on one’s physical wellbeing, consuming halaal food also has a direct effect on one’s spiritual wellbeing. Thus, Allah Ta‘ala addresses the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) in the Quraan Majeed saying, “O Rasuls! Eat from the good foods (halaal and wholesome) and carry out righteous actions.” (Surah Mu-minoon v51)

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The Blessing of Upholding the Sunnah


Monday, 20 December 2021 15:51

Sayyidah Ummu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) and her husband, Sayyiduna Abu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma), were among the first people to accept Islam. They also suffered great persecution at the hands of the Quraish, just like many other Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum). Thus, to escape the torture and suffering, they participated in both migrations to Abyssinia. (Tabaqaat Ibni Sa’d vol. 3, pg. 239)

Thereafter, Sayyiduna Abu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) performed hijrah to Madeenah Munawwarah – and this was one of the greatest tests that his household went through, as his wife’s family did not allow her to join him, and his clan did not allow his child to leave them either. Thus, husband, wife and child remained separated for the lengthy period of approximately one year, until they were thereafter reunited in Madeenah Munawwarah. (Seerah Ibni Hishaam vol. 2, pg. 469)

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Fudhail Visiting the Family


Friday, 10 December 2021 08:04

The holidays had just started, and Fudhail was very excited. Fudhail lived in Johannesburg, and his father was taking the family to Durban to visit their grandparents. Fudhail was so excited that he started packing his bags one week before! His grandparents always spoiled him, and bought him lots of sweets, chocolates and presents.

Finally, the day came when they all got into the car. As Fudhail’s father started the car, he read the du‘aa for traveling. Then, they got onto the road and set out for Durban!

Fudhail couldn’t wait to reach Durban, so he kept asking his father, “Daddy! How long left?” Fudhail’s father would just laugh and say, “Durban is far away Fudhail! We will reach in the evening insha-Allah!”

Fudhail wanted his father to just keep driving, without stopping, so that they could get to Durban quickly. But, before he knew it, Fudhail’s father stopped! Fudhail was anxious and asked, “Daddy! Why are we stopping?” Fudhail’s father replied, “My cousin lives here Fudhail! I want to visit him! I haven’t seen him in a while!”

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Ice Coffee and Frappe


Friday, 17 December 2021 10:10

For a cool kick on a hot summer’s day

Ice coffee and coffee frappe are among people’s favorite summer beverages. The primary difference between the two is that ice coffee is a liquid drink served cold with ice cubes, while in the case of a frappe, the ice is crushed to give the entire drink a slush-like consistency.

When making a frappe, in order to give the slush a rich and creamy-texture, people often use readymade frappe powders (Slojo, etc.). However, a simple substitute, found in most pantries, is full-cream milk powder (such as Klim).

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Summer Safety


Wednesday, 15 December 2021 10:31

With the onset of the summer season, and the annual school holidays on our doorstep, children across the country are overjoyed and are eagerly awaiting the hours of fun they will enjoy in the sun.

In this regard, it is of vital importance for every parent to adhere to certain guidelines that will ensure the Deeni and physical safety of their children during this period. It takes just a few moments of carelessness to cause a lifetime of regret and remorse, so we should all be vigilant and should not take our children’s wellbeing for granted. With this in mind, a few basic guidelines have been outlined below:

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