Whisperings against Allah Ta’ala


Monday, 15 October 2012 06:38


Two years ago, my condition was such that I used to cry the entire day. The reason for this was (Allah forbid) I suffered from whisperings with regard to Allah Ta’ala. This condition would remain for up to three months. I then consulted some ulama and psychologists, and some of my teachers consoled me. Consequently, these whisperings disappeared. These whisperings have now returned since two months. My house-folk used to get distressed by this. I therefore do not cry. However, these thoughts are not leaving me. How can I get rid of these thoughts? Kindly provide me with a treatment. Make special dua for me so that these whisperings do not come to me as long as I am alive.

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Artificial Honour


Thursday, 11 October 2012 14:39

Abdur Rahman bin Mahdi (rahimahullah) narrates an incident regarding his tutor and mentor Ubaidullah bin Hasan Al-Anbari (rahimahullah), who was among the leading scholars of Basrah. He says: “Once we attended a janaazah at which I asked him a question. He answered the question but he erred in his response. Hence I politely submitted: ‘May Allah shower his mercy onto you and always keep you guided. The ruling here is something else.’” He lowered his head in thought for a moment and then said: “I retract immediately from what I told you initially, even though this retraction may seem outwardly disgraceful. To be apparently disgraced but be on the truth is far more beloved to me than being outwardly honoured but being on falsehood.” (Tahzeebut Tahzeeb vol. 7 pg. 7)

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Have I Given Up as a Parent?


Monday, 08 October 2012 06:17

Many parents nowadays have a common concern and complaint - they cannot speak to their children anymore. If they do try to speak to them, it ends up in a fight or argument. Thus most parents today have simply given up. However to “give up” is to abandon one’s duty and responsibility as a parent. To make an effort on our child is our duty. This is within our control. However the fruits of our efforts, that the child becomes rightly guided, depends on the command of Allah Ta’ala. This is definitely not within our control.

Since we have become so absorbed in wanting to see the fruits of our efforts, we have as a result given up the effort itself which was within our control. We must continue to encourage and advise our children. We should also constantly make du’aa for them and beseech Allah Ta’ala thus: “Oh Allah Ta’ala, You alone can guide and safeguard my child against the trials and challenges of the day.” Let us be positive by looking at the power of Allah Ta’ala and not be negative by looking at our own weaknesses.


The Plight of the Kite


Monday, 08 October 2012 06:07

The colourful kite is flying high up in the sky. Attached to it is a string which goes all the way down to a man standing on the ground, who is controlling it. Everyone see’s and admires the kite whereas it is the man behind the kite who is doing everything. Supposing the kite thinks to itself one day, that I need to break away and disconnect myself from the man on the ground since he is restricting me and preventing me from reaching greater heights. The moment the kite snaps away, no doubt for a few moments it may go higher up, only to come down crashing, never to be seen again. In the same way, at times the deceptive thought may go through our minds that due to our attachment to the Ulama we are not progressing. The reality is that the moment we separate ourselves from the Ulama, we will fall into destruction and deviation. Our protection lies in our attachment to the Ulama and the pious.


Washing the Dead Body


Sunday, 07 October 2012 06:40

The body of a deceased person totally submits and surrenders itself to those who are washing it. They move the body to the left, to the right, they tilt it, they pour water over it but there is no resistance or complaint from the body with regards to being moved or the temperature of the water. Thus the body is thoroughly washed and ready to be lowered into the grave. In the same way when a person submits and surrenders his/her heart to Allah Ta’ala, which may have turned dead due to sin and desire, then with the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala his/her heart will be spiritually cleansed and ready to be presented in the court of Allah Ta’ala.


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