‘Eid Mubaarak!


Sunday, 22 June 2014 10:15

It was the last day of Ramadhaan and the madrasah classroom was bubbling with excitement with every child discussing what pretty outfits they were going to wear, where they will be spending their ‘Eid, and what they were expecting for eidy (‘Eid presents). The echoes of “Eid Mubaarak” were heard all over the class.

‘Aaishah was a shy little girl who wouldn’t speak much. However she had an enquiring mind and would try to understand everything correctly from her Apa Raheemah. She asked unexpectedly: “Apa! What does ‘Eid Mubaarak mean?” The Apa locked the kitaab cupboard, smiled at her and said: “May your ‘Eid be blessed.” “But how does it become blessed, Apa?” She asked. “Is it just by saying ‘Eid Mubaarak’ or do we need to do certain things?”

Apa Raheemah replied: “I like that question ‘Aaishah! You are 100% correct. It does not become blessed just by saying ‘Eid Mubaarak,’ rather it is by us spending our ‘Eid in a way that makes our Allah happy. I can only explain to you three very important things which will please our Allah Ta‘ala and make our ‘Eid a blessed one. We only have twenty minutes left to go home and Zahraa never read her sabaq yet:

“Firstly, we must dress like true Muslimahs. We cannot wear clothes that show our body and shape, or make us look like ‘Tom Boys’.”

By this time the class had quietened down and everyone was listening to this interesting conversation.

“But Apa, my mummy already bought me a sleeveless top and skinny tights. What must I do now because tomorrow is ‘Eid. Where am I going to get another outfit now?” asked Yumnah with a terrified look. “Why don’t you look for a matching inner in your cupboard, borrow a skirt from Yusrah and tell your mummy that you like it that way,” responded ‘Aaishah. “That’s a good idea,” said Apa Raheemah.

Then she went on to explain: “Children! The second thing we need to do to make our Allah Ta‘ala happy is that we mustn’t play with boys. We must eat with the ladies and the boys must eat with the men.” “But Apa, in our house the uncles and aunties always eat together. How am I going to change such a big thing now? My mummy will tell me that if we separate the men and women everyone will get upset.” ‘Aaishah responded again and said: “That’s easy. You must explain to your mummy that it’s more important that Allah Ta‘ala doesn’t get upset with us. This will be a start insha-Allah. Remember if we try to make Allah Ta‘ala happy, he will make it easy for us and everyone will eventually understand.” Apa Raheemah said, beaming with joy: “Masha-Allah ‘Aaishah. That’s how a true muslimah thinks.”  

“Lastly,” the Apa explained: “We need to make a point of meeting our relatives that are nearby, and phone those that are far away.” “But you know Apa, my Gori Foi (father’s sister) lives in the next street, but mummy doesn’t allow us to visit her because they had an argument last year on ‘Eid Day. It was so embarrasing. Now even daddy is not speaking to his sister,” explained ‘Aaliyah. “Why don’t you try this?” said ‘Aaishah. “When you go home today, call your mummy and daddy, sit on their lap and act like you are crying. When they ask you what’s the problem, tell them: ‘How can I enjoy my ‘Eid when I haven’t seen my Foi and cousins for one whole year. I’m missing them so much.’ Then beg them to phone your Gori Foi and invite her for ‘Eid. Insha-Allah this will bring them back together and all of you would have a really happy and blessed ‘Eid together.”

“Excellent, Aaishah,” exclaimed the Apa. “It seems like Allah Ta‘ala has blessed you with great wisdom and understanding as He had blessed our mother Sayyidah ‘Aaishah (radhiyallahu ‘anha).”

“My beloved children! If we try to please our Allah Ta‘ala on this auspicious day by doing these three things, insha-Allah our ‘Eid will really be mubaarak – a blessed one,” concluded Apa Raheemah. 


Baking in the Oven


Friday, 28 June 2013 16:33

A child is born with a limb missing. What are the chances of that child ever getting that limb outside the womb of the mother? In fact all the doctors of the world may get together but they will fail to give the child that missing limb, since the place of formation was the womb of the mother. Consider another example. The bread came out of the oven unbaked. Is there any hope of the bread getting baked outside the oven? 

The blessed month of Ramadhaan is a month of reformation and a month of changing our lives for the better. We cannot allow the month of Ramadhaan to pass by without a transformation occurring in our lives. Ramadhaan is that fertile month in which deeds are sown and we continue to reap its fruit in the remaining months. We have just a few days left, let’s make the best of them.


Allah is Watching!


Thursday, 01 August 2013 12:06

There was once a maid who worked for a family of Sayyids (descendants of Nabi sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). She was totally ignorant regarding the laws of Deen and would not even offer her salaah. When she aged, this family would take care of her because they felt indebted to her for all the service that she had rendered to them. As her last moments came close, she began to say something which no one could understand. Finally a learned person was called and he realised that she was saying: “laa takhaafee walaa tahzanee” (don’t fear and don’t grief). He told them to inquire from her why is she saying this. After much difficulty she replied: “There is a group of angels present who are repeating these words.” Then he inquired: “Do you understand what is being told to you?” She replied: “I cannot understand it, but I can sense that they are consoling me.” He then asked: “On what action are you being blessed in this way?” After some time she replied: “These angels are saying: ‘You haven’t done much good deeds in your life. However, there is one deed of yours which Allah Ta‘ala really liked. Once you bought some ghee (clarified butter) from a shop. When you came home and boiled it, a gold coin came out from inside. Initially you thought of keeping it for yourself since no one was aware of it. Then the thought came to your mind that “Allah is watching”, because of which you returned it to the shopkeeper. It is on account of this deed that you are being comforted in this way.’” (Jawaahir Paare vol. 1, pg. 156) 

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Forgiveness is Arranged


Friday, 28 June 2013 15:59

The theme of Ramadhaan is forgiveness. Our Most Compassionate and Loving Allah makes many arrangements for us to be forgiven. 

1. The rebellious shayateen are locked. Thus we are protected from many evils that we get caught up in during other months of the year. 

2. Our du‘aas are accepted.

3. The fish seek forgiveness for us until we break our fast. 

4. The middle ten days are called: “The ten days of forgiveness”.  

5. We are blessed with the night of Qadr which is better than a thousand months. 

6. If we failed to search for the night of Qadr then we have the night of ‘Eid, which is the night of recompense, and a special night of worship and du‘aa.  

If we still fail to secure our forgiveness after so many arrangements then we have only ourselves to blame. 


Kajoor (date) Milkshake


Saturday, 27 July 2013 13:54


1 litre milk 

1 litre vanilla ice cream

1 cup dates 

½ cup sugar

½ cup Crown date syrup


Blend dates with little milk. Then add rest of the ingredients and blend well.


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