Forgiveness is Arranged


Friday, 28 June 2013 15:59

The theme of Ramadhaan is forgiveness. Our Most Compassionate and Loving Allah makes many arrangements for us to be forgiven. 

1. The rebellious shayateen are locked. Thus we are protected from many evils that we get caught up in during other months of the year. 

2. Our du‘aas are accepted.

3. The fish seek forgiveness for us until we break our fast. 

4. The middle ten days are called: “The ten days of forgiveness”.  

5. We are blessed with the night of Qadr which is better than a thousand months. 

6. If we failed to search for the night of Qadr then we have the night of ‘Eid, which is the night of recompense, and a special night of worship and du‘aa.  

If we still fail to secure our forgiveness after so many arrangements then we have only ourselves to blame. 


Kajoor (date) Milkshake


Saturday, 27 July 2013 13:54


1 litre milk 

1 litre vanilla ice cream

1 cup dates 

½ cup sugar

½ cup Crown date syrup


Blend dates with little milk. Then add rest of the ingredients and blend well.


Very Few Give Up


Friday, 28 June 2013 08:50

When blessed occasions such as the month of Ramadhaan come upon us, then there is a natural urge created within us to change and to better ourselves. When this does take place, most of our minds tend to only think in the direction of increasing our nafl salaah, recitation of the Quraan Majeed or increasing our zikr and du‘aa. However, very few of us sincerely think of also giving up sin. 

It is not possible to fill a container with water if the container is full of holes. In the very same way we fail to take the full benefit of our good deeds since our life is full of sin. Let us utilize this Ramadhaan as a special occasion, where together with increasing our good deeds, we take up the courage to give up sin as well, such as the sin of appearing unveiled and speaking to strange men, the sin of music and photography, the sin of backbiting and breaking relationships, and the sin of extravagance and making the material comforts the goal of our life. It is high time we strive to give up all sins.


Interior Decor (Part Two)


Friday, 28 June 2013 15:47

Allah Ta‘ala is Watching

After removing the filth, rust, and dust, the internal decor must commence. The purpose of fasting is to decorate the heart with taqwa – the fear of Allah Ta‘ala and the constant awareness that “ALLAH TA‘ALA IS WATCHING”. While fasting one refrains from all eating and drinking even if one is very hungry and thirsty. Why? Simply because it is the command of Allah Ta‘ala ... and ALLAH TA‘ALA IS WATCHING ... and ALLAH TA‘ALA KNOWS. Likewise, no more shameless dressing, harbouring ill-feelings, illicit chatting, gambling, zina, looking at haraam, etc., because ... ALLAH TA‘ALA IS WATCHING ... ALLAH TA‘ALA KNOWS. Taqwa also requires the fulfilment of all the obligations of deen, salaah, zakaat, fasting, haj, etc. The heart with taqwa indeed is a billion times more sparkling and impressive in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala than the most expensive decor that money can buy!!!

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Interior Decor (Part One)


Friday, 28 June 2013 15:33

Interior decor is an art. People spend much time, effort and money on their homes offices and businesses in order to get that special finish and make it look as impressive and appealing as possible. Great pains are taken to ensure that the furniture “blends in” with the surroundings. The carpets are made to match the curtains. Just any ordinary bulb sticking out of the ceiling is unthinkable. A variety of light fittings are positioned in the proper places so that the light may reflect in the best way. The right “tone” must be captured in the colour co-ordination.  Several other trimmings and trappings are added for the final touch. 

Allah Ta‘ala has also given us a month for interior decoration – a month to decorate our hearts. The month of Ramadhaan is a time to truly make our hearts sparkle and shine and to look truly impressive in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala. The first part of interior decoration is to remove the cobwebs, scrape the rust and do a general thorough cleanup. The cleanup of our hearts requires sincere taubah. We will have to scrape off the rust of sin, remove the filth of jealously, sweep out the dirt of malice, scrub away the pride and generally wash away all the evil within us with the flowing tears of earnest and sincere repentance.

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