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Words of Wisdom


(Mother of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee [daamat barakaatuhum] – Part Six)

Allah Ta‘ala had blessed Makkiyyah Aapa (rahimahallah) with great wisdom. Hence, many of her words of wisdom have been recorded by her family members. Many of these advices are actually derived from the lessons in the ahaadeeth of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). Some of her advices were:

- Through giving zakaat, you will cleanse your wealth.

- Through giving sadaqah, you will cure your sick ones.

- If you speak less, eat less and have less freedom, you will always remain happy and content.

- The example of performing salaah in the earliest time is like eating freshly cooked food. The first person to dish out enjoys it the most. As time goes by, it will not be the same. Performing salaah towards the end of the time is like eating leftovers.

- Do not become so sweet that people chew you up, and do not become so bitter that people spit you out.

- If you keep silent, you are like a king (i.e. you will maintain your honour and dignity).

- Do not allow a rooster to be better than you, where he is awake while you are still asleep (in the early part of the morning).

- If you remain silent, no person will be able to judge you.

- A person who carries tales is worse than a thief - he steals the wealth of friendship.

- Wasting is a sign that poverty is coming your way. Some wives are such that they will make money from dirt, and some are such that they will waste, even if their husbands earn millions.

- In remaining silent, there are thousands of benefits.

- Look at the good qualities of people rather than their faults. Each person has weaknesses, but everyone will also possess at least one good quality. If we look at every person’s good quality and inculcate it, we will become full of good qualities.

- Do not ever have any expectation from any person – not even me.

- Through making du‘aa, you will ward off the difficulty that was coming your way.