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Entry into Jannah Because of Abundant Durood


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A person saw Abu Hafs Kaaghadi (rahimahullah) in a dream after his demise and enquired from him as to what had transpired? He replied: “Allah had mercy on me, forgave my sins and admitted me into paradise”. On asking him the reason for that, he answered: “When I appeared before Allah Ta’ala, the angels were commanded to count my durood as well as my sins. It turned out that my durood outnumbered my sins. Hence my Lord commanded: “O angels, let that be enough, let there be no further reckoning and take him into my Paradise”. (Al Qaulul-Badee' pg 259)

Lesson: Abundance of durood assures safety and salvation both in this world as well as the next.


The Power of Intention


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Once a man from the Bani Israeel passed by a sand dune at a time when people were suffering with hunger due to drought and famine. He thought to himself: “Had I possessed food equivalent to the granules of sand in this sand dune, I would have distributed every bit of it amongst these people to relieve them of their hunger.” Allah Ta’ala sent revelation to the Nabi of that time: “Inform that man that Allah Ta’ala has acknowledged and appreciated your noble intention and has hence recorded for you the reward of spending that amount of food in charity.” (Mirqaat-ul-Mafateeh, vol.1, pg.100)

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A Casual Chat


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There was a woman by the name of Hind al-Khus al-Iyadiyyah. She was one of the wealthy women in the pre Islamic times, well known for her intelligence, wit, eloquence and words of wisdom. Inspite of being a woman of position and honour amongst her people, she committed adultery with her slave boy. People asked her: “Of all people, what made you commit adultery with your slave boy whereas you are a leading woman of your tribe? Why not with a free person instead?” So she replied: “The factors which prompted me to commit adultery and that too with a slave, were two. One was that we had easy accessibility to each other due to living in the same place, and the second factor was long chats.” (Risaalatul Mustarshideen – Pg: 177)

Lesson: Being in privacy with strange men or casually chatting with them may eventually lead one to falling into the most despicable of actions and thereby bringing her perpetual disgrace. These two factors are the highly inflammable ingredients that cause explosion and destruction.


A Remedy to Combat Sin and Temptation


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A very beautiful woman who lived in Makkah Mukarramah was admiring herself in the mirror and asked her husband: “Is there any man who will see my face and not be tempted by it?” He replied: “Yes.” She asked: “Who?” He answered: “Ubaid bin Umair (rahimahullah).” She asked: “Will you allow me to tempt and entice him?” He agreed.

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