Our Life Solution


We have been created to remember our loving Allah Ta`ala. As a Muslim it is not possible for us to allow the day to go by without us taking the beautiful name of Allah Ta`ala. The name of our Allah Ta`ala is full of love, warmth, mercy, tranquility, and contentment. Sadness and depression, helplessness and hopelessness are definitely not for a muslim. With the Zikr of Allah Ta`ala a Muslim’s life is full of happiness, courage, steadfastness and hope. The Zikr of Allah Ta`ala is the live wire in a Muslim. Without the Zikr of Allah Ta`ala there will be a breakdown in our lives. The sweetness of a drink depends on the sugar added into the drink. The satisfaction of life depends on the Zikr established in our lives. Let us start by getting a Tasbeeh (a string of beads), and recite morning and evening:

- Istighfaar (Astaghfirullah) 

- Third Kalimah (Subhaanallahi walhamdulillaahi walaailaaha illallahu wallahu akbar) 

- Durood Shareef 

Recite these Tasbeehaat daily 100 times each. If presently reciting any tasbeehaat is not part of your daily practices, start off by daily only reciting 20 times each. Be regular and steadfast upon it. NEVER miss a single day. Every two to three weeks increase the number you are reciting by 10. Insha-Allah in a few months you will be reciting 100 times daily with constancy. This live wire will certainly light up your life.   

Besides this, throughout the day as we are carrying out the duties of the home, we should keep the tongue moist in some Zikr of Allah Ta`ala.