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The Queen - Special Consideration of Women in Islam


Women have been created different from men. Among the various differences are that their body structure is different, their body strength is different, their manner of analysing and understanding things is different, and their emotional levels are different. Islam has considered and appreciated these differences and has therefore honoured women with a role that is suitable to them. 

Women have been favoured with the warm protection of their homes while the man has been tasked with the duty to earn and provide for her. On the contrary we have the world that intends to go against the natural differences that are found in men and women. The West has insulted women in trying to transform them into men. How can a butter knife do the job of a chain saw? Women have been deceived with slogans of freedom and equality. In reality they have been forced into slavery and oppression. The world offers slogans of lies whereas Islam delivers goods in reality.