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Smile and the World will Smile with You


There once lived a couple who were almost totally opposite to each other in everything. The wife was extremely beautiful and good natured while the husband was the most unattractive and ill tempered person around. One day the wife was asked “How do you remain patient with such a man in your marriage?” She replied, “In my life I may have committed a sin, therefore as a punishment Allah Ta’ala gave me such a husband. As for my husband, he may have done a good deed in his life, thus Allah Ta’ala has rewarded him with a beautiful wife like me.”

Lesson: A positive person will manage to bring about happiness and a smile in the most negative conditions, whereas a negative person will choose to remain sad and frown in even a positive condition. We need to programme our minds to become positive and remain positive. The world is full of negatives. We need more positives to brighten things up. It does not cost us anything to smile, but it definitely has a great impact. It will make us feel happier and brighten up the day of others around us as well.