Sweet Poison


A pearl is hidden in an oyster deep down in the ocean- a priceless treasure! So too a women with all her beauty is to remain in the protection of her home. It offers her safety and security away from the evils and fitan of the world. Women are ornaments of concealment. The knowledge of Deen enhances her beauty and modesty since Islam gives her a pedestal no other religion gives to women. She is the queen of her home. She serves her husband and children for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala  and makes her home a garden of paradise for them.

On the contrary, in the outside world, tragically, the system of schooling and education, the novels and magazines and other such aspects are all sweet poison. It kills the spirit of Islam from within her. She now becomes the slave of the material world whereas she once enjoyed freedom of living a life of Deen. The moment we move away from Deen then automatically shame and respect leaves our lives. Such women will prioritise her outside work over serving her husband and children. The end result of such a policy is that the home becomes a place of despair. Everybody is separated to a great extent for themselves. Such a place often becomes just a house, not home filled with love.