In Praise of the Home-maker


(By a Sister)

It's an icy cold winter's morning, I am sitting in the comforts of my home and enjoying a hot cuppa coffee. Suddenly feelings of inner contentment and serenity engulf me. It dawns on me that far too many women feel unimportant, unrecognised and apologetic for being full-time housewives. I prefer the term 'homemaker' - an infinitely better description of a tremendously important role. And so, as the occasion arises with its heavy demands on women, let us reflect upon the vital art of homemaking.

How special do you feel in a home that is always open with a warm welcome, the kind of old-fashioned home with enough love to spare for outsiders, which beckons you to sit down and relax? In it you'll find a wise blend of order and flexibility.

A mother who doesn't fuss if her children and friends run in and out... who is never too busy to sit down for a chat with a friend, a confused teenager or lonely widow. Not that she isn't busy or creative, she probably is, but she recognizes one of the advantages of being the Queen of the Home; of having flexitime, which allows her to set aside plans in order to help someone in need, or to rush into the garden to share a small wonder with a child.

Lifestyles and options are changing. Many women need, or prefer to work. But full-time home making is a career option, which allows you to make of it what you will. It requires many skills ranging from communication and management to cookery and economics. A home maker will find time to listen to her family and to friends young and old, rendering invaluable emotional "first-aid".

A good homemaker knows the home is the heart of society - a place where family and friends can be nurtured. In swiftly changing times it can provide a sense of security and continuity where children soak up happy experiences and memories that will affect their whole lives.

If you're a bride, anticipate your career as a homemaker with joy. If you're a mature woman who has spent years learning the art of home-making, never be apologetic about being 'only a housewife'. Glow with happiness at having chosen such a vital role.

I have come to value this 'way of life' through the will and grace of Allah Ta’ala by blessing me with a stay-at-home mother who showered me with guidance, compassion, generosity, and love. And I in turn will do the same to my kids.

May Allah Ta’ala give us all women the faith of Aasiyah (radiyallahu anha), purity of Maryam (radiyallahu anha), love of Khadija (radiyallahu anha), affection and knowledge of Aa'ishah (radiyallahu anha), and the favour of being with them in Jannah, Aameen.

(Courtesy of Al-Jamiat e-newsletter)