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Washing the Dead Body


Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 16:54

The body of a deceased person totally submits and surrenders itself to those who are washing it. They move the body to the left, to the right, they tilt it, they pour water over it but there is no resistance or complaint from the body with regards to being moved or the temperature of the water. Thus the body is thoroughly washed and ready to be lowered into the grave. In the same way when a person submits and surrenders his/her heart to Allah Ta’ala, which may have turned dead due to sin and desire, then with the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala his/her heart will be spiritually cleansed and ready to be presented in the court of Allah Ta’ala.


One Tight Slap


Last Updated on Monday, 01 October 2012 15:09

A young girl was once walking along a road. After a while she sensed that she was being followed. She turned around to find a boy walking behind her. She asked him as to why he was following her. He replied that he loves her deeply and was infatuated with her extreme beauty. She said to him, “My beauty is nothing. My sister is walking behind and she is much more beautiful than me.” As soon as she said this, the boy turned around to look behind him. But as he turned to look, the girl gave him a tight slap and said to him, “Do you not have any shame? You claim to love me, but you turn your gaze towards someone other than me!!” 

Lesson: In the very same way, it should never be that we claim to love Allah Ta’ala but our hearts are inclined to the haraam fashions, lusts and temptations of this temporary world. The one in who’s heart the love of Allah Ta’ala has settled will never look in any other direction.


Smile and the World will Smile with You


Last Updated on Monday, 01 October 2012 14:58

There once lived a couple who were almost totally opposite to each other in everything. The wife was extremely beautiful and good natured while the husband was the most unattractive and ill tempered person around. One day the wife was asked “How do you remain patient with such a man in your marriage?” She replied, “In my life I may have committed a sin, therefore as a punishment Allah Ta’ala gave me such a husband. As for my husband, he may have done a good deed in his life, thus Allah Ta’ala has rewarded him with a beautiful wife like me.”

Lesson: A positive person will manage to bring about happiness and a smile in the most negative conditions, whereas a negative person will choose to remain sad and frown in even a positive condition. We need to programme our minds to become positive and remain positive. The world is full of negatives. We need more positives to brighten things up. It does not cost us anything to smile, but it definitely has a great impact. It will make us feel happier and brighten up the day of others around us as well.


Beauty and Purity


Last Updated on Monday, 21 January 2013 07:50

The fashion world of today has a very narrow definition of beauty. It restricts beauty to one’s dressing and to the fake facial makeup. The reality is that these superficial things have nothing to do with beauty. The inner and outer beauty has been taught to us by Islam.

Among the aspects of inner beauty, which shines out in a person’s life, is to clean the heart of pride, jealousy, and greed. All the outer beauty of a woman will be insignificant if her tongue is loose and wicked, if she loses her temper all the time or her heart is full of ill – feelings and hatred. The mere sight of her, despite her striking outer beauty, will provoke hatred in the hearts of those around her. Islam alone teaches us real beauty and purity, where the inside and outside are both beautified with real values.

Islam even teaches us how to preserve our beauty. If Allah Ta’ala has favoured one with natural outer beauty, then the best way of expressing gratitude is to conceal this beauty from the eyes of all strange men. To make a public display of one’s beauty is the height of ingratitude for this gift.


Four Steps to Rectify a Wrong


Last Updated on Friday, 21 September 2012 06:18

When you see a wrong: 

Step One: Do not lose our temper. The moment we lose our temper, we cannot think correctly and cannot say the right things. Thus we should learn to control our temper. 

Step Two: Be careful of our language. Do not say such words that will hurt the person. Often in anger we speak out our mind but later on we regret over our words. 

Step Three: Explain to the person the wrong that he/she has done. Generally we become angry but we do not explain the mistake to the person. 

Step Four: Give the person a solution, provide an alternative. Explain to the person what should be done and how it should be done in future. 

After adopting these four simple steps in rectifying a wrong, Insha-Allah with the command of Allah Ta’ala, only good will come out of it. At all times our gaze and trust should be on the mercy of Allah Ta’ala.


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