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The Element of Love


Last Updated on Saturday, 25 June 2022 13:46

Imagine a mother who comes to visit her beloved daughter after one entire year of separation. The mother makes the necessary travel arrangements and sets out with her husband, eager to be reunited with her child. As she enters her daughter’s home, she is delighted to see the dastarkhaan (the cloth placed down for eating) elaborately laid out. It is dotted with all types of fancy decorations, from flowers in full bloom to artistically-folded serviettes. The food itself smells exquisite, and its presentation is so perfect that it seems to magnetically attract her gaze. 

However, as she approaches her daughter, the young girl, unaware of her mother’s presence, utters a few words to her friend on the phone. She says, “I wish my mother never came to stay! It’s so much of work to prepare for her! As it is, I’m busy looking after the kids – and now I have to see to her as well!” On hearing these cruel words, the mother recoils in hurt and disappointment, as these words are like a hard slap to her face… 

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Free, Yet Enslaved


Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2022 09:59

When the issue of slavery is discussed, then generally, it is the scene of people tied in fetters and chained in shackles that comes to mind. We picture people stripped of their free will and mercilessly subjugated into submitting to the will of others.

Though slavery has been abolished internationally, it is estimated that in the world at present, there are approximately 40 million people who are living in some form of slavery or another. Out of sympathy for the pitiful plight of slaves, thousands of people toil tirelessly to try and liberate these helpless individuals from the bonds of oppression so that they may enjoy freedom in the world.

However, the reality is that apart from these 40 million slaves, there are countless other ‘slaves’ who are desperately in need of liberation. These are the believers who have become the slaves of their nafs (carnal desires). They have become so tightly bound by the shackles of their nafs that they blindly obey every whim and desire of their nafs – even if it results in the disobedience of Allah Ta‘ala. They have absolutely no restraint and cannot resist the craving and temptation of haraam and sin. They may be physically free, but mentally and spiritually, they have been completely subjugated and enslaved.

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The Price of Paradise


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 March 2022 13:57

When purchasing any item or commodity in the world, there will be a certain price to pay. At times, the price may be low and affordable, at times it may be moderate and reasonable, and at times it may be excessively high and exorbitant. Thus, we find that if there is a car in the market for R50 000, then there will also be a car on sale for R50 million!

The question is, “What are the factors that cause these variations and fluctuations in price?” The answer is that there are three primary factors that influence the price of an item. The first is demand, the second is supply and the third is quality. If an item is in high demand, it is only obtainable for a short period as it is a limited edition, and the quality is unsurpassed and unrivaled, then people will be willing to pay any amount of money to acquire it.

On the basis of these three factors, we find that the most expensive purchase will not be the purchase of a palatial home, a rare motor vehicle, a gem-studded necklace of solid gold or anything else of the world - it will be the ‘purchase’ of Jannah. Hence, in the blessed hadeeth, Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) mentioned, “Remember! The goods of Allah Ta‘ala are extremely valuable (and expensive)! Remember! The goods of Allah Ta‘ala are Jannah!” (Sunan Tirmizi 2450)

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Riot Reflections…


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 February 2022 09:34

July 2021 will forever remain embedded in the minds of South Africans as the time when destructive civil unrest erupted and wholesale looting, anarchy and arson broke out. As we are well aware, the province of KZN was the most severely affected.

As citizens of a society where everything is integrated, and different branches and departments of the community depend and rely on each other, we found everything grinding to a halt. The blockading of highways, which are the arterial system to deliver food and essential supplies to the different localities, caused major shortages of goods. This led to a frenzy of panic buying with people frantically stockpiling goods and hoarding other basic items.

At the peak of the unrest, tensions were high and the air was charged with a sense of fear and insecurity. The atmosphere reverberated with the echoes of gunshots, and civilians either took up arms or packed bags, planning to flee. But even then, there was no way out and nowhere to run…

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The Dream Life


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2021 15:59

Imagine a person living the dream life. He has the car, home, family, business and everything else of his dreams. But then, his eyes suddenly open, and to his absolute dismay, he finds himself lying in bed, back to reality – and his precious ‘dream life’ was exactly that - a dream without substance.

Now imagine a person who is suffering intense agony and torture. He is experiencing every ‘nightmare’ that he ever feared and he cannot imagine things being any worse than they already are. But then, his eyes suddenly open, and to his absolute delight, he finds himself lying on his bed, safe and sound. To his immense relief, the ‘nightmare’ life he was ‘living’ was merely an illusion and a dream.

Each and every one of us, living in this world, is like a person in a dream. While everything around us is real, and everything we experience is real, the reality is that it is so transitory and temporary that when compared to the Hereafter, it is like a mere dream, illusion or shadow.

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