Keep it Under Control


The husband getting angry should not be used as an excuse for the wife to also get angry. An obedient child understands that the parent needs to be respected, thus the child despite getting angry, holds back all undesirable words and actions in the parents presence. Likewise, the wife needs to realise the respect that is due to the husband and accordingly she needs to control her tongue and feelings. At times a woman may find it so easy to spend hours in zikr, du‘aa, and in the recitation of the Quraan Majeed, but it is so difficult for her to control her tongue and anger in the presence of her husband. It is indeed a burden on her nafs (inner self) to suppress one’s anger. Thus she should always remind herself of the virtue and reward of opposing her desire and respecting her husband. This will motivate her to remain an obedient and pleasant wife. Later, in a diplomatic and amicable manner, she may address the issue at hand.