Once a Day


A common saying is: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Likewise, some marriages are on the point where the following will apply: “A smile a day keeps Shaitaan away.” This refers to keeping Shaitaan away from destroying the marriage. In many cases, the husband looking at his wife once in the day with love and affection, and the wife speaking even once a day in a soft and loving tone to the husband, may be enough to keep the marriage alive. Obviously, the more this happens, the better.

Unfortunately, some wives will speak to strangers in sweet tones and likewise some husbands will speak with much compassion and even affection with customers, colleagues and other strange women. This is haraam. The sweet tones and affection must be directed to the spouse, not strangers. Out of need, when one has to speak to a non-mahram,  then it should be direct and straight to the point, where the person addressed does not even have the courage to ask anything further. We should also lower and protect our gaze as this will help us to appreciate the beauty of our spouse.