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In-laws or Out-Laws


Unfortunately the issue of in-laws often becomes one of the major contributing factors that strain the relationship between husband and wife. This sometimes even leads to divorce. In most instances it is only petty issues which are blown out of proportion.

Hereunder are a few basic guidelines which would assist in maintaining a happy relationship with your in-laws:

1. From day one, maintain etiquette and good character when meeting them.

2. Always present yourself in a happy and pleasant manner.

3. Serve them, as this will create love.

4. If two people are speaking, do not ever jump to the conclusion that they are talking about you.

5. Do not be so talkative that you begin to hurt people’s feelings, nor remain so silent that they consider you to be “stuck up”.

6. Do not carry tales and relate stories to your mother and other family members regarding your in-laws. This becomes the fuel and cause of all ill-feelings and fights.

7. Do not distance your husband from his family members.

8. Respect his parents as much as you would like him to respect yours.