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Marriage Survival Kit


Do not demand your rights. Discharge your obligations!

Keep smiling. It is act of charity!

Express praise and gratitude. All human beings share the same basic needs: To feel appreciated, respected and loved!

Never compare your spouse with others. The grass always looks greener on the other side!

Never bring up past problems that were resolved. They only cloud the future!

Never insult your spouse in front of other people. It is a confession of your own weakness!

Never insult his relatives. It is demeaning and leads to a lack of self - confidence!

Never adopt a tit for tat mentality. It causes equal pain to you!

Be the better person! Admit your mistakes and say: “I am sorry!”

Never go to bed without settling an argument. You may never see the next day!

Do not blame your spouse for always arguing. It takes two to quarrel!