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Boundaries in the Bedroom


Imagine a person who hires a security guard to protect his home and family, only for the very same guard to later on become the greatest danger and threat to their safety! Imagine a person who daily takes a multi-vitamin supplement in order to improve his health, only for the very same supplement to later on become the cause of his health deteriorating, leading to his death!

In a similar vein, the hadeeth teaches us that one of the main purposes and benefits of nikaah is that it safeguards a person from falling into the sin of zina and other sins related to lust. However, this purpose will be defeated if a person fails to realize that even life within the bedroom has limits. A person’s bedroom life need not be ‘dry’. But on the same token, it is not necessary to resort to bedroom activities that are either outright haraam or totally unnatural and filthy in order to gain satisfaction. We are all aware that the husband may only seek satisfaction in his wife, and the wife may only seek satisfaction in her husband. But, this does not mean that they may satisfy themselves in any and every manner they please!

If we trespass the boundaries of Deen with our spouse within the bedroom, we will be defeating one of the primary purposes of marriage – remaining pure and chaste. Then, instead of marriage strengthening our relationship with Allah Ta‘ala, it will become a means of us falling into sin and taking our spouses with us. May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all to remain content and satisfied with that which is halaal and pure.