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Hearts make Homes


All it takes to build a house is a few hands. To build a home, however, hearts are needed. When bricks join and bond, a house is made and when hearts join and bond, a home is made. For married couples to make a home, it is essential that they “have a heart” – be tolerant and overlook each other’s faults. If they are not willing to forgive and forget, trivial issues will erupt into big arguments. This will eventually result in the couple becoming the talk of the town with their “dirty laundry” hanging out for all to see.

When cutlery is kept together in the same drawer, the spoons and forks will definitely clash and make noise. Similarly, when the husband and wife are close, some arguments are bound to take place. Despite the bickering and arguing, if one of them has to pass away, all the fights will be forgotten and the surviving partner will cry over the happy memories.

It often happens that a divorce is issued in the midst of a heated argument. Only later on do the couple come to their senses, at which point they start wringing their hands in regret. The depression, at times, even drives them to the point of insanity. Couples thus need to bond their hearts in such a way that they insha-Allah remain united until death does them apart.