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The Most Difficult Task in the World


If the question has to be asked as to what is the most difficult task in this world, the answer would most probably be “to be a mother”. To be a perfect mother, you will have to supplicate daily for the control of your feelings and emotions. A mother is referred to as an embodiment of sympathy, kindness, tolerance and forbearance. Hence, becoming the ideal mother and bringing the children up correctly is a back breaking, nerve-wrecking and bone wrenching task. You will have to suppress your fury, make do with what ever is available and cheerfully display motherly affection to your children.

How unfortunate is that mother who on account of a bit of difficulty, starts scolding and punishing her children. The mother is awarded respect because her nature is one of love and mercy. She is not foul-mouthed or short-sighted. An innocent child deserves warmth and attachment. On the day of judgement, the mother will undoubtedly be rewarded for her kind words and her outstanding character which proved to be a guiding light to her children. However, she will not be rewarded for the number of times she furiously vented her personal anger to satisfy her inner desire.