Comfort in Old Age


A person once went to visit an elderly man. He was living in a beautiful palatial home. He had servants all around him to feed him, serve him and to see to his needs. Outwardly it seemed that he was living a dream life which every man desires. However, reality proved to be the completely opposite. With a very heavy heart he said,

 “All the worldly comforts that you see around me, have been given to me by my children. They are all qualified doctors. As they were growing up, all I gave them was the material world in the form of only secular education. Today as I am growing old, all they gave me in return is the material world as well, but in the form of comforts. However in this old age of mine, all I desire is to have my children and grandchildren around me. Of what use are these worldly comforts if I cannot speak to my own children or see my grandchildren?” Remember! It is only the Deen of Allah Ta’ala that if we will share with our children today, will allow them tomorrow to appreciate us in our old age.