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Don’t Speak to Strangers


Generally we say to our children: “Don’t speak to strangers.” But for a moment, let us sit back and reflect … We place them in front of the forbidden television screen and gladly allow a host of strangers to speak to them and to mould their minds and hearts. Their innocent minds are subjected to horror, shooting, killing, blood, bomb blasts, lewd and shameless behavior, and the list goes on. With time our children become immune to violence and they are tempted to act out the very scenes they have viewed. On one hand we will say to our children that alcohol is forbidden and having a relationship outside marriage is unlawful. But as a family we very casually sit around the television watching others drink alcohol and have unlawful relationships. It is time we realize the harm and damage that the television has brought to our lives and that of our innocent “angels.” Thus we should make a concerted effort to remove the means that are causing havoc in our lives and the lives of our children.