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Which Door am I Opening?


There are many homes where days pass without the name of Allah Ta‘ala being taken even once. There is no salaah performed in that home, no Quraan recited and no du‘aa made. Children are growing up in such a home and tomorrow their homes will be the same. This trend then continues from generation to generation.

As Muslim mothers we should sincerely ask ourselves:

- Which door am I opening for the next generation? Is it the door leading to Jannah or, Allah forbid, the door to hell?

- Do I ensure that they wake up for fajr salaah?

- Have I instilled in them the honour of dressing and identifying themselves as a Muslim?

- Am I preparing them to stand tomorrow on the Day of Judgement before their creator, Allah Ta‘ala?

- Am I the Muslim mother that Allah Ta‘ala wants me to be?