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Holidays! Will my Child Survive?


“Holidays,” in the life of a child, simply means, “Freedom.” The child is no longer restricted by school and madrasah hours. Thus the child feels absolved of all forms of responsibility. This “freedom” makes the child very vulnerable to the attacks of nafs (the desire) and shaytaan (the devil). However our beautiful deen of Islam comes to our rescue. We are reminded of our daily duties as a Muslim. Our salaah, quraan, zikr and du’aa are the forts for our protection. Every parent’s concern is, “Will my child survive this holiday, in an environment of sin and temptation?”

The answer depends on our sincerity and to the extent we turn to Allah Ta’ala. When parent’s try their level best to safeguard their child from the challenges of the time, then Allah Ta’ala will make the arrangement for the protection of the child, even in apparently impossible situations.

We need to turn to Allah Ta’ala ourselves and also make our children do the same. For far too long we have looked at the problem and remained despondent. It is time that we adopt the solutions and progress as a family. When the light is switched on, instantly the layers of darkness will disappear. When the light of good actions enters our lives, then the darknesses of sin will leave our lives. It is not possible for the night and the day to coexist at one time and place. Therefore, let us start with at least the following aspects immediately and see the immediate benefits.

1. Ensure that all members of the family regularly perform their five daily salaah. Boys who are seven years of age should accompany the father to the musjid. 

2. Everyone must start their day after fajr salaah with the recitation of surah yaseen. Besides this some portion of the quraan majeed must be recited daily.

3. Daily ta’leem of the fazaa-il kitaabs should take place in the home, even if just for 10 minutes. 

4. Encourage the children to recite 100 times istighfaar and durood shareef.

Also keep advising one’s children with love and affection to refrain from all sinful activities. May Allah Ta’ala protect us all.