Baby Talk


Instilling deen within the child is an effort which begins from the very moment the child takes his first breath and begins to bawl. We will, at every turn, juncture and phase of the child’s life, provide guidance in order to mould the child into becoming a true Muslim.

As soon as the child, in his own broken way, tries to pronounce a few words, we will begin teaching him the name of Allah Ta‘ala in the hope that this will be the first word he utters. When the child has reached the age of basic understanding, we will, together with being a practical example of deen, verbally explain the concepts of deen to him. For example, we will introduce our children to Allah Ta‘ala by mentioning and explaining His qualities to them. We will explain that Allah Ta‘ala has created everything and He alone gives life and death.

An effort will be made to instil the quality of du‘aa within the child so that he understands that he should turn to Allah Ta‘ala when confronted by any need - be it big or small. When the child gets up to any mischief, reprimand him by saying, “Allah Ta‘ala will get angry”. According to the opportunities presented by the day and moment, we will strive to make the child more and more aware of Allah Ta‘ala. This continuous repetition will, in time, convince the child of the constant presence of Allah Ta‘ala.

We should constantly correct the mindset and thinking of the child. As the child’s capabilities grow, we should commence teaching him the shorter surahs and du‘aas until we eventually teach him the recitation of the Quraan Majeed. When the child reaches the age of seven, we should teach him and show him the method of performing salaah and when he turns ten, we may adopt the appropriate punishment in order to make him perform salaah.