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The Dessert Slipped and Fell


Your child opened the fridge and the dessert which took you the entire morning to prepare slipped and fell out of his hands. The easiest thing to do is to get angry and shout at the child. But this does not remedy the situation nor does it better the child in any way.

On the other hand exercising a little patience and suppressing one’s anger will leave an admirable impression on your child. Place your hand on the child and console him saying: “Don’t be grieved. Whatever has happened has happened with the will of Allah Ta‘ala. Allah Ta‘ala has protected us from a bigger calamity. You could have lost a limb. Nevertheless, in future, if you want something, let me know first.” Such words nurture real human beings with true qualities.


Don’t Speak to Strangers


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Generally we say to our children: “Don’t speak to strangers.” But for a moment, let us sit back and reflect … We place them in front of the forbidden television screen and gladly allow a host of strangers to speak to them and to mould their minds and hearts. Their innocent minds are subjected to horror, shooting, killing, blood, bomb blasts, lewd and shameless behavior, and the list goes on. With time our children become immune to violence and they are tempted to act out the very scenes they have viewed. On one hand we will say to our children that alcohol is forbidden and having a relationship outside marriage is unlawful. But as a family we very casually sit around the television watching others drink alcohol and have unlawful relationships. It is time we realize the harm and damage that the television has brought to our lives and that of our innocent “angels.” Thus we should make a concerted effort to remove the means that are causing havoc in our lives and the lives of our children.


Which Door am I Opening?


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There are many homes where days pass without the name of Allah Ta‘ala being taken even once. There is no salaah performed in that home, no Quraan recited and no du‘aa made. Children are growing up in such a home and tomorrow their homes will be the same. This trend then continues from generation to generation.

As Muslim mothers we should sincerely ask ourselves:

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Building a Nation


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Women play the most important role in the building and nurturing of a nation. The lap of the mother is the child’s very first classroom. The lessons learnt here are all engraved in the child’s mind and heart and are seldom forgotten. All this highlights the leading position of a mother. However with position comes an equal degree of responsibility. A deficiency in the mother will bring about a deficiency in the child.  Thus we are constantly reminded that the nurturing of a child begins the day the mother of that child was born. The mother had to be nurtured in order for her to nurture her own child. Proper nurturing requires time and effort. If the mother plants good qualities today, she and the world will enjoy the sweet fruit tomorrow.


Step Children


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A person’s Imaan is tested in various ways in a marriage. Among the many tests is the situation where a couple who already have children from previous marriages are now married to each other. The test of Imaan is to now treat one’s own children as well as the children of one’s spouse with equality. The mother should never show love only to her own children and disregard the husband’s children from his first marriage, or spend freely on her own children and deprive the husband’s children, whereas they are more entitled to their father’s wealth. The demand of a true Muslim mother is that she displays kindness and fairness to all the children under her care. This could very well become the means of her entrance into Jannah.


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